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Do you find yourself wondering how your life came to be so stressful, where it all started, and feeling overwhelmed with the inability to focus? Have you encountered changes in your mood, questioning your abilities to do well, judging and evaluating your self-worth, or worrying endlessly about upcoming tasks that you don’t have any control over? Do you find yourself ruminating, full well knowing that it narrows one’s focus and exaggerates the felt experience?

Have you experienced the feeling where the world continues on around you without taking much notice… and perhaps, with the efforts of trying to keep up but most days, instead you just find yourself going through the daily motions and before you know it…the day has concluded?

Do you find that when you are confronted with some of life’s many challenges, you get so caught up in ‘problem-solving mode’, that you don’t pause to consider how hard it is in the moment…and further more…tell yourself that it is too unpleasant to feel these emotions, so you would rather not?

Mindfulness is a skill that involves shifting one’s focus and awareness to the present. It involves the use of self-compassion without judgement, accepting who we are and being kind to ourselves. In includes acknowledging our feelings without minimizing or exaggerating them, allowing ourselves to be present in the moment without being self-critical. It can help reduce the impact of many challenges including anxiety, negative mood and affect, manage chronic pain, stress and worry among other benefits. Meditation is a form of mindfulness, a technique that allows each individual to tap into their own awareness and achieve mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

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Mindfulness is an essential component of self-compassion because we need to be able to turn toward and acknowledge when we are suffering to “be” with our pain long enough to respond with care and kindness. Often individuals tend not to acknowledge how much pain they are in, particularly where self-criticism is entangled. To be self-compassionate, mindfulness is the first step.

Self-Compassion is a way of relating to the ever-changing landscape of who we are with kindness and acceptance, particularly where failure and feelings of inadequacy are involved. The Dalai Lama encourages people to understand that “love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without there humanity cannot survive”. He also highlighted that “if you want others to be happy, practice compassion, if you want to be happy, practice compassion”.

In our therapy together…

  • We will work to develop effective mindfulness practices to reduce your anxiety, stress and negative mood by learning to live in the present.

  • We will uncover your strengths and bring meaning to your past achievements to promote self acceptance and understanding.

  • We will work together to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and change your inner critic. We will work on developing a wiser and more objective perspective of yourself, while uncovering the 3 elements of self-compassion: Self Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness.

  • We will work together to find effective ways to acknowledge imperfections. By using the self-compassion approach which provides a more stable sense of worth over time, this can help you to change the way you look at yourself to see a person who is “good enough,” and guide you to develop strategies to be kind to yourself during moments of stress, to extend the compassion you give others to yourself.

Join me on a quest to navigate your path to developing compassion for yourself while learning how to love and accept yourself and others with the tact of mindfulness. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, shame or any other impactful challenge, we will work together to cultivate happiness, life satisfaction, self-confidence, and improve physical health.

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