Loss, Grief & Bereavement

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Have you been experiencing sudden outbursts of emotions like guilt, anger or regret without warning when mourning? Can you relate to sensations of numbness, exhaustion, and the impacts of compromised sleep? Do you try to stay strong and keep it together in public settings, knowing that it gets even tougher to continue with the ‘mask’? After your experience with grief and loss – can you relate to feelings of shock or unresponsiveness?

Do you find yourself questioning everything you do or your purpose in life? Have you been experiencing feelings of confusion and notice that some days it may feel like you are spinning out of control? Have you noticed that things you once enjoyed and willfully participated in no longer bring joy, and rather, you recognize an increased detachment, where days seem hazy, like being lost in a fog? Are there times where you notice that your chest tightens and there is something stuck at the back of your throat; you force yourself to take a breath after a painful feeling in your heart region;  you fall into a memory only leaving you to yearn for one more day with your loved one?

It’s important to take the time to understand that in addition to dealing with the death of a significant individual in your life – Loss, Grief and/or Bereavement is a scope that extends beyond death and can include job loss; pet loss; the loss of a significant relationship; the loss of a home or a major life transition and can bring about feelings of grief, whether recent or buried. It also can include trauma that you witnessed resulting in death of individuals known or unknown to you, can involve anticipatory grief or complex grief.


In our therapy together…

  • I will work with you to help you identify difficult emotions experienced and help you to create meaning and address the unsettling changes that have been brought into your life.

  • Together, we will uncover your strengths to develop healthy coping skills and bring balance to your life. We will create a deeper meaning to the grief experienced and identify its complexities and label whether there are elements of complex, anticipatory, traumatic, or delayed grief and loss responses and bring meaning to your stages of grief (including shock, denial, anger, bargaining, testing, depression, and acceptance).

  • The physical, emotional and mental distress brought on by your loss will be supported, where there will be safe outlet for us to validate the past, adjust your present, and redefine the next steps of your future. Together we will create your new narrative to reactivate and find new meaning to life.


If you have experienced a significant loss or some type of grief or bereavement, we can work together to identify your pain points and work through the healing process towards moving forward.

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