From Perfectionism to Resiliency


Do you tend to agonize to the point of excess where it can be at the expense of your own well being, compromised social life, or negatively impacted relationships? Who is your biggest critic…could it be yourself? Do you envision how you want everything to look, setting high standards and expectations of yourself and of others and get anxious and overwhelmed when it doesn’t turn out perfectly? Do you only remember the times you fail and it seems that no matter the effort, it just doesn’t seem good enough? Do you find that you compare your own life, achievements and goals to those of others and find that it doesn’t measure up?

Have you ever wondered if anyone else at work seems to care as much as you do, where all your focus remains on the end result, telling yourself that that is not finished until it is ‘perfect’? Have you ever been given a new task, only to find yourself putting it off and procrastinating because you are only willing to take the risk to start when you know you can do it perfectly-anything less would deem you a failure? Ask yourself if you are critical of your own work in fear of what your boss would think of you should you make a mistake?”

Are you looking to learn how to cope with the pressure and stress and be able to “bounce back” with the ability to maneuver through life’s difficulties? Would you like to learn how to contain your self-doubt and judgement, tame your inner critic, accept constructive criticism and learn that there is a difference in striving for resiliency rather than perfectionism?

Life is fast-paced and when you least expect it, life throws us curveballs that require us to adapt. The ability to adapt and continue on with life is known as ‘resiliency’, whereas, ‘perfectionism‘ is a roadblock to progress. Resiliency is a quality trait that is important to enhance and work towards – it is a process that can be learned through therapy and coaching. Moving away from extreme perfectionism has many benefits, as it can be very damaging, and on the contrary it could stop you from achieving simply because individuals hold a tendency to be too scared of failing even to try. A healthy level of perfectionism can have wonderful gains as it moves away from the fear of disapproval, and shifts towards the idea that if you simply do your best and enjoy the journey it opens up far more opportunities for success.


In our therapy together…

  • We can move from perfectionism to resiliency. We can work towards overcoming perfectionism by striving to attain healthier levels, in order to focus on achievements that have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

  • I will help you to recognize the source of where your perfectionism comes from whether it stems from childhood, family dynamics, culture and societal expectations, personal standards or social prescriptions.

  • Together we will identify your strengths and talents and recognize your achievements as successes. I will help you to recognize your procrastinating behaviours and learn ways to avoid unhealthy comparisons and setting unrealistic goals.

  • We will work to uncover your hidden strengths and bring them into your conscious awareness. I will help you to re-evaluate your perceptions and to develop positive views of yourself, your abilities and your achievements. We will work together to address control issues and develop an optimistic view of your life.


If you have experienced significant adversities, or unsurmountable stress and feel as though you have yet to overcome them, we can work together to identify your strengths, reframe your perceptions and heighten your resiliency to allow you to move forward and thrive. Together, we can leave perfectionism behind, liberating your full potential to thrive.

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