Excessive Worry & Anxiety

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Do you experience constant worry thoughts, feel nervousness or uncertainty that impacts your ability to live your life to its fullest? Do you find yourself thinking of more and more irrational outcomes, convinced one will happen no matter how impossible they may be? Do you do everything possible to avoid or escape feelings of discomfort like procrastinating or avoiding situations? Do you need constant reassurance that everything will be okay in order to silence your inner voice whispering that it won’t?

Do you have tendencies to fixate on all the ‘what if’’ scenarios as opposed to embracing the here-and-now? Do you overthink to the point where you start to doubt your skills, abilities and knowledge; or notice your self-confidence slowly slipping away to the point that you’ve convinced yourself you are incapable? Can you relate to feelings of fear when in public, preoccupied with what people think of you or how you look, perhaps you feel judged with every view or stare directed at you?

It is imperative to be able to understand the difference between worry and anxiety. The types of worry one can experience are both productive and unproductive; being able to identify between current problems and future problems; and learning how worry can be dealt with before transforming into an anxiety state. It is also important to look at the impact of worrying and linking the behaviours associated with it, and how at times the extent of worry can lead to anxiety. It is important to address your thinking patterns and triggers to develop healthy and effective coping strategies to reach your full potential and maximize your overall well-being.

In our therapy together…

  • We will work together to understand the sources of your excessive worry patterns and identify your triggers to better understand how your anxiety manifests.
  • We will work together to develop effective coping and relaxation techniques that can be used both in the moment during periods of heightened anxiety or times of panic, as well as long-term strategies to manage stress and chronic worries.
  • I will help you to identify any unhealthy thinking patterns that contribute to feelings of worry, doubt and fear while engaging with you to recognize your talents, strengths and abilities in order to combat the anxiety.
  • I will help you to slow your mind down to stop living in the future and enjoy the present as it comes, encouraging you to tackle life’s ups and downs head-on and eliminate avoidance tendencies.
  • We will work together to enhance confidence in yourself and your ability to cope with identified anxieties and I will empower you to become ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ with new provoking encounters.

If you experience excessive worry or anxiety, we can work together to identify your triggers and develop healthy coping and relaxation techniques to manage your stress and positively impact your overall well-being.

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