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Salima Jadavji M.S.W., R.S.W., C. Hyp

Creating Wellness Step-By-Step: I am here to help!

Whether your struggle is related to stress, anxiety, depression, confidence, or personal growth and resilience… I am here to help!

I help high achievers, entrepreneurs, and the corporate professional explore their path to gaining stability, growth, relief and equilibrium.

Uncover and let go of the past and move through the discomfort through being comfortably uncomfortable. Let’s heal together and conquer your fears and obstacles, embrace your shifts, and claim your future self.

Invite me on your journey to creating wellness step-by-step… I am here to help!

Together, we will create a pathway that leads to inner satisfaction, external progress, and an overall sense of groundedness.

People that know you would say that you are a top performer, maybe married to your work, a
go-getter, and one that not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

You are the kind of individual that not only has high standards for those you interact with – personally and professionally, but you also have perfectionistic tendencies and have set the bar extremely high for yourself and accept nothing less.

You have worked hard to get yourself to where you are with dedication, focus and sacrifice. Perhaps have given up a great deal to be where you are today and have juggled and overcome multiple challenges that have landed right in front of you from left field.  

When people see you, what they know about you is your great life that they secretly envy, you have it all, education, career, financial stability, hobbies that you commit to, and a solid support system…

What they don’t know… is that you are not just tired, you are exhausted, you haven’t a clue about work-life balance, if you had it your way, you would curl up in a ball and not get out of bed wishing that you are not letting others around you down.

Transformation and growth – if you can let go of the past and embrace the present, you can successfully embark on the future you desire, deserve and can attain.

Whether you are experiencing excessive worry and anxiety, some kind of stress or depressed feelings, or can’t shut that inner critic up or show your self-doubt whose boss, or need some self-love and learn how to show yourself compassion… I am here to help… creating wellness step-by-step… tailor made approaches… to help you transform and get back on track.

If any of this resonates with you so far… let’s talk.

By engaging in counselling services provided by Salima at ‘DARE TO HEAL… Let’s Talk,’ this is an effective way to explore, discover, and reclaim your life and learn how to handle new situations adequately and old situations in new ways.

I am committed and dedicated to clients who are determined to uncover underlying issues and blocks, which may prevent uncovering, unleased potential in healing. If you are ready to work hard… So am I.

I am here to help!

If you dare to heal…let’s talk!

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DARE TO HEAL…Let’s Talk! Clinical Counselling & Psychotherapy Services
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